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Heliadventures Terms and Conditions 

The terms “You”, “Your”, “Their”, “Customer”, and “Passenger”, refer to the person purchasing, booking and/or taking the experience. 

Total flight times are approximate. Scheduled times and itinerary may vary on the day due to weather or other operational reasons. 

Any descriptions published by both Heliadventures or third party voucher retailers are used to provide a general summary of the potential itinerary included on any given flight. All routes may vary on the day due to weather, noise abatement, other operational reasons, or airspace and airport restrictions, at the discretion of Heliadventures. 


Any published photos by both Heliadventures or third party voucher retailers that are used in any promotional literature to illustrate courses & experiences, particularly those that take place at more than one location, are used as an indication of the experience only. 

Any photos taken on the day by a Heliadventures representative can be used by Heliadventures or its resellers at our discretion unless informed otherwise by the passenger. 

Any photos used in any way to promote our experiences, either on the Heliadventures website, or any type of social media platform, remain the property of Heliadventures and must not be used without written permission from ourselves.

All directions and postcodes provided by Heliadventures are approximate and may not take you to the exact departure location. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they arrive at the correct departure location on time. If passengers do not arrive at the stated time on the flight confirmation to receive their pre-flight safety briefing, we are within our rights to refuse them boarding for the flight.

We may vary which aircraft we use for flights dependant on number of passengers booked for the day - the aircraft we use seat 3, 4 or 5 passengers. For bookings of more than 4 passengers, we are unable to guarantee all passengers for that group will be on the same flight.

Flight departure times chosen at booking are only provisional and will not be finalised until the joining instruction email is sent 3 days before the flight date. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure this information is received and understood. 

The company reserves the right to alter take-off locations at its discretion. Departure locations are only provisional until confirmed in the 3 day joining instruction email. 

Vouchers purchased from are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Vouchers from other resellers will have their own expiry, normally found on the voucher. 

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that any flight extras are collected on the day. 

Flights may be cancelled at short notice due to aircraft serviceability or other operational reasons including, but not limited to, airspace access and airport restrictions. 

Aviation requires good weather conditions so flights are subject to cancellation at short notice. It is the Customer’s responsibility to confirm that the weather is suitable before starting their journey to the airport through the Heliadventures pre-recorded weather line and webpage, the details of which are provided in the joining instructions email. 

Please bear in mind that the weather in the United Kingdom can change quite quickly, so that even when good weather is forecast, the flight may still have to postponed or cancelled on the day if the weather deteriorates. Safety is our priority and our pilots will not fly in unsuitable weather. This decision is at the discretion of the pilot. 

Heliadventures will not accept any liability for loss or inconvenience when flights are cancelled for safety or operational reasons. 

If your flight is cancelled by us for any reason, the voucher will be valid for a further 3 months from the date of your voucher expiration, or the date of cancelled flight, whichever is longer. The expiration date of your voucher can only be extended at the discretion of Heliadventures or by your voucher reseller, and in some cases might incur an additional charge. Expired vouchers that have not been booked or extended can not be honoured. 

Heliadventures shall not be liable for any expenses incurred from flight cancellations under any circumstances, including cancelation due to not meeting the minimum bookings required for the flight to go ahead. 

Refunds for flights / vouchers purchased directly from Heliadventures will be made at our sole discretion and will be subject to a £20 or 10% fee (whichever is greater). Refunds for any extras (co-pilot seat upgrades, photos and certificates) will be subject to a £1.50 fee, per extra item purchased. Please note, refunds can only be made to the purchaser, and will not be made to the voucher holder or any third party. There are strictly no refunds for any unused flight vouchers or uncollected extras.

Participants wishing to take personal belongings including, but not limited to, bags, cameras and other photographic equipment on the flight, do so entirely at their own risk and at the crew manager’s and Captain’s discretion. All items with a strap must be securely stowed either around the Customer’s person, or under the rear seats for the duration of the flight. 

Additional equipment including, but not limited to, life jackets, headsets, and floatation devices, may be supplied to passengers for the duration of their flight. This is solely at the discretion of Heliadventures. All equipment must be used in accordance to the briefing you receive and any damage resulting from the misuse of equipment can be charged on to the customer at fair rate. 

Whilst every precaution is taken for the safety of passengers neither the owner/operator of the aircraft nor Heliadventures can be held liable for the loss, damage or injury which does not result from their negligence. 

All participants should be of good health and must be sufficiently agile to embark and disembark the aircraft with minimum assistance. If there are any concerns regarding a participant’s health or ability then medical advice should be sought from their GP prior to booking. You must contact Heliadventures prior to booking to discuss any concerns. Any customer who is unable to embark or disembark the aircraft on the day, or has not brought any concerns to the attention of Heliadventures prior to booking, may be refused boarding and render their voucher invalid.

With regards to flying passengers that are pregnant, we have no issues - for guidance on making a decision, we generally fly at approx. 1,500ft, so there is no pressurised cabin, like on an aeroplane, and also a lap belt is used - the same as on an aeroplane. From our side, we have no issues, but ultimately it is down to the passenger to decide should they wish to fly or not.

Strict weight restrictions apply. You must contact us before you book a flight if 18 stone ( 114KG ) or above. The co-pilot seat can not be booked for any person over the weight of 14 Stone ( 89 KG ). Heliadventures reserves the right to refuse boarding to any customer on the day of their flight who is over the weight stated at the point of booking. Any customer who does not take their flight for this reason renders their voucher invalid. 

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a fair paying adult at all times. Children under the age of 3 are unable to fly. 

Any changes to passenger details including, but not limited to, the person who is taking the flight, the passenger’s weight, or contact details, must be made in writing to Heliadventures a minimum of 7 days prior to your scheduled flight. Any changes to the passenger details within 7 days of your flight can only be accepted at the discretion of Heliadventures. 

It should be noted that any participants failing to take their confirmed flight render the voucher invalid. If you wish to postpone your flight, you must give a minimum of 7 days notice in writing and this must have been acknowledged by a member of the Heliadventures team. Vouchers are transferrable to another passenger at the discretion of Heliadventures. 

Customers under the influence of any alcohol or illegal substance may not be permitted to board the flight. Heliadventures and its representatives reserve the right to refuse flights to anyone they suspect to be under the influence, or to any passengers behaving aggressively or in an unacceptable manner. Customers who do not take their flight for these reasons render their voucher invalid. 

From time to time we may update and improve our official website and terms and conditions without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately. In accepting the current terms and conditions at the time of your booking, you are accepting the responsibility to stay up to date with the latest version as published on our official website. 

Dangerous Goods

In accordance with Provision of Information to Passengers (CAT.GEN.MPA.200 (f))


Legal restrictions and regulations about what you can or cannot take with you.


This page includes key information on banned and restricted items. 


If you require further details on dangerous good, or what you can or cannot bring onto the aircraft please contact us before accepting the terms and conditions. 


By accepting the terms and conditions you are also agreeing that you will not bring any of the below goods onto the flight at any time.

Dangerous Goods poster_1.jpg

Last updated January 2024

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