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On the day of your flight...

  • Ensure you have checked your finalised flight departure time. This will be sent to you via email 3 days before your flight.

  • It is vital that you check if your flight is going ahead before travelling. You can do this is by visiting our weather page or by calling our recorded message line on 07745 639197 after 08:30 am on the morning of your flight.


  • Should we need to contact you, we will use the mobile number provided to us at the time of booking. Please make sure you bring it with you and ensure it is turned on.


  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your take-off time. Most of our sites have cafes and facilities so you are welcome to arrive slightly earlier.


  • Please use the Google Map links in the email we send you 3 days before your flight for directions to your departure site as the departure location may vary to the ones linked below. The link in your email will place a pin at the site so please use this link and not a postcode as these generally cover a large area.

  • The departure location details below will give you a rough idea of which sites we use, however these may not be the most up-to-date options for your flight so please do not use these on the day.

  • There is plenty of free parking at the departure sites.

  • If you have any extras with your flight, such as photos or flight certificates, please make sure to collect these from the crew before you leave the site.


  • Please do not contact the departure site as they do not operate the flights and will not be able to help you. Please contact the office Monday to Friday by using our contact us form, making sure to include your 4 digit booking reference.


  • We will send you the name and mobile number of the Ground Crew Manager looking after your flight. Please use this number for any queries on the day, as our office is closed at weekends.

  • You are welcome to bring cameras and cellular devices on board your flight subject to any flash being switched off, and flight mode being activated. All items with a strap, including any handbags, must be kept securely around your person for the duration of the flight.

  • You may not cancel your booking within 7 days before departure for any reason, however you are welcome to send another passenger who weighs no more than you in your place at no charge.

please note these directions are only provisional and you must use the link sent to you in your 3 day email

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