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If you are having issues booking in a Groupon voucher, please contact us. Ensure you send us your Groupon Code and Security Code provided on your voucher


How to redeem your voucher:

  1. Please ensure you have read through our terms and conditions prior to starting your booking.

  2. Select which location you are flying from. 

  3. Select which type of flight you have a voucher for.

  4. Select how many vouchers you have.

  5. Enter your Groupon code from your voucher. (check the letters and numbers carefully) 

  6. Select your date

  7. Select your time

  8. Enter the details of the person(s) taking the flight 

  9. Enter the security code from the voucher (this is the other 10 digit code on the voucher)

  10. Add any extras you would like.

  11. Check your details and complete.

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