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UPDATED Thursday 30th July

We are looking at getting in the air again in September, but sadly not all venues are currently available to fly from.

The venues we are able to fly from are as follows:

Bournemouth - 26th September

Gloucestershire - Date to be confirmed

Exeter - 12th September

Wolverhampton - 19th September

If you have a voucher for any of these venues and would like to book in, please let us know via email - when you email, please also provide your original order number from the top right hand corner of your order confirmation....... we understand you may have had this a long time ago, so it may not be at hand or easy to find, but if you could provide it it would be much appreciated!!

For those venues that still aren't currently available (Bath Racecourse, Cardiff and Weymouth) , we are hoping to restart flights from them in October - again, our website and Facebook pages will be updated with news about these as soon as we have them. You can, however, fly from one of the above venues we are able to start flying from instead, if you wanted to - we can provide the same flight time as your voucher entitles you to, just not the flight path or chosen venue. Of course, if you'd rather wait until we are able to fly from Bath, Cardiff or Weymouth that is no problem - sadly we just can't give a date on when we will be able to provide flights from these venues again at the moment.

With regards to COVID-19, all passengers will need to self-assess their health before attending the venue - if any of the listed government symptoms are being experienced i.e. a new persistant cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, they must not attend the venue and inform HeliAdventures (before the day of flight if possible) and reschedule for a later date.​

ALL passengers must wear either a face mask or face covering - you will need to bring your own as these will not be provided. The aircraft will be regularly sanitised, including door handles, headsets and seat belts.

We thank you for your understanding during these difficult times, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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